Extend your home with a Pine Orangery

Orangeries were originally built as far back as the 17thPine Orangery Northampton century for wealthy people who wanted to bring back and cultivate delicate plants from warmer climates. Initially an orangery was characterised by large glass areas in the walls, then glass ceilings also began to be included. Orangeries tend to differ from conservatories in that they are more permanent-looking structures with columns and walls or portions of the ceiling made from materials other than glass. A well-designed orangery can add an extra room to a house, increasing the space and letting in light all year round.

If you are considering adding an orangery to your house, the first step is to design it. This is very important as a well-designed structure will blend seamlessly with your house, whereas a badly designed one will look awkward and out of place. Consider the shape of your house and existing windows or doors that will be adjacent to the orangery and use a similar outline for your new structure. This will create the illusion that is has been there all along and belongs in that location. Matching the material of your house window frames or exterior walls to the solid parts of you orangery will also help the flow from old to new.

There are some practical considerations to bear in mind when you are planning an orangery. Glass roofing is great for providing light generally and allowing plants the sunlight they need, but looks terrible when it is dirty. There are now `Easy Clean` coatings for glass available that repel dirt, reducing the cleaning required as the rain washes away the dirt. Incorporate features to help with this into your design, such as guttering that is easy to clear, or if you have a window cleaner check that they will be able to clean all of the glass on your orangery. Glass-ceilinged rooms can get very hot in the height of summer, so ensure you include solar control glass in the roof and include opening roof vents to release the hot air. This can be done manually or you can install a climate control with rain sensors that open and close the vents depending on the temperature.

An orangery can be used for many things. You could cultivate plants in it, which was obviously the original purpose, but it can also add space to your home for any purpose you like. As a children`s playroom it can be a lovely light space, with all the glass making it feel bigger and letting in lots of healthy daylight – just ensure that the glass is toughened and sturdy enough to withstand children. Why not go to the other extreme and create a relaxing haven? Fill the room with sweet-smelling tropical plants and add a fountain or even a hot tub with lots of fairy lights and concealed speakers to create an oasis of calm.

Whatever the intended purpose of your new orangery, you will find many ways to enjoy it in the years to come. You might be throwing elegant parties where guests drink champagne and make intellectual conversation while standing round a tinkling fountain, or filling it with beanbags and bright colours so that your kids can play there and get some winter sun.

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