Pine Conservatories

Take in the beautiful joinery of a Pine Conservatory roofPine conservatories are a cost effective solution that can improve your house and garden in all seasons. A sun magnet on many days and a lovely cosy nook during the worst the weather can throw at you, it can be functional and ornamental at the same time. It allows you to enjoy your garden and all the TLC and effort you`ve expended on it in at any time of year, without you getting cold or wet. Summer showers don`t need to involve a tactical withdrawal from the garden or barbecue to the TV.

Whilst a well specified conservatory is not a cheaper way to extend a property than a conventionally built extension it can give many of the advantages, including being an integral part of the property. It can also add considerably to the property`s value. Unfortunately, as with any major purchasing decision, having to make a choice between the various options can be a challenge. One decision that faces those interested in conservatories is which material they should be constructed with. Pine is an ever popular choice for a number of the reasons.

A Pine Conservatory on a grade 1 Listed BuildingPine can be a more economic solution and has the advantage of being a renewable, carbon-neutral material, which is likely to be an increasingly important factor in the coming years.

Pine is easy to machine. This makes it ideal for situations where there is a need for the conservatory to be bespoke, in part or in whole. It can be formed in all sorts of shapes and moulded as required. This versatility allows it to be melded to match traditional and contemporary building design styles as desired. This is a major consideration when the home owner wants a conservatory that blends in with the character of their property, rather than a factory-made template. It is also likely to have an effect on the cost of any repairs that may be required over the lifetime of the conservatory.

Pine Gable Conservatory in NorfolkIf the conservatory needs planning permission, its flexibility of design can often contribute to it being granted, where a traditional extension might be refused. Many listed buildings have had a pine conservatory added, demonstrating how acceptable it can be to the planning authorities.

So long as the Pine is of a good specification it will have good structural strength. As with most timber products, pine has innate strength without the need for any additional reinforcement. Complete buildings have been constructed with it for centuries, some are still standing now. Pine has been an integral part of many buildings in Scandinavia, Canada and the US for a long time and much knowledge of how to build with it has been acquired.

As it is a natural material, pine has a timeless quality. It hasn’t ever gone out of fashion, nor is it ever likely to do so. It can actually age beautifully to give an even deeper character to the property. Since most conservatories border a garden, its natural appearance makes it more in harmony with its outdoor setting.

Pine Conservatory with GablePine has longevity. Although there is the caveat that it does require proper treatment and a modicum of care, pine can last as long as the property itself and possibly longer than its owner. Modern breathable, water based coatings and preparations can keep it in tip-top condition. Good-quality paints and finishes can keep it usable long after other materials need to be replaced.

Pine is a flexible and reasonably priced material with which to build conservatories. Its longevity makes it ever popular. Its flexibility allows many design options, including Sliding door hardware to enhance the look and individuality of the conservatory and thus the property as a whole.

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